my name is Rocío



Rocio means dewdrop in Spanish. I am a Chilean-born architect, living on the Danish island of Bornholm. My works embody the strength life has bestowed upon me through joy and grief. Each and every stone is a story of love, livng on and on. Mosaic art allows me to experiment and find the magic in different materials. With cut tile and tesserae – ceramic, glass and stone – I create organic works that are rich in texture and light. Among other materials, I use rock from my beautiful island, Bornholm, as well as different stones Keld and I have collected on our travels throughout the world.






The nature of the island Bornholm is my inspiration source. Strong edges, layers of minerals in infinite color and shades that hide secrets from the past. Forests of light and darkness, where life abounds under every root, every rock, and where the soul of life and the magic of the earth are intertwined in a mysterious perfection. Magical cliffs that encompass the beginning of life and become alive through technic and craftsmanship.